NorDys Gallery Closes March 21

NorDys GalleryOh well, now Birmingham has one less gallery. NorDys opened 7 years ago in a pretty big space on 3rd Avenue South. I’m not sure what you should call the sort of art they showed there. It’s definitely decorative. Most of this kind of work is an extension of collage and multimedia. Sometimes there’s some drawing or painting involved but there’s almost always some sort of random splotches of color or something glued to the art.

Here’s a typical example of NorDys art by Shawn Brasfield:


Brasfield is a little more progressive than most of the NorDys stable in that he uses cartoon elements that wouldn’t have been accepted in fine art circles until the 1990s.

Much of the work shown in the gallery has been multimedia assemblages such as that of Chris Ellis which will be featured at the final show that opens March 14. Here’s an example of his work:


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