UK’s National Gallery must pay $200,000,000 or Lose Titian Paintings

Titian Diana nad Actaeon

“The clock is ticking on two of Britain’s most important paintings and £100million must be found from the public purse by 1st January, 2009 to keep them.

Together valued at £300million on the open market and owned by the Duke of Sutherland, the Titian masterpieces are currently on display in the National Gallery of Scotland. They form part of a 27 piece ‘Old Masters’ collection held by the Duke, estimated in total to be worth over £1billion.

The Duke has decided to put these paintings up for sale in an attempt to broaden his investment portfolio, initially offering them to the National Gallery, where they have been displayed since 1945, at a significantly discounted rate.”


The painting above is Titian’s Diana and Actaeon and the one below is Diana and Callisto.

Titian Diana and Callisto

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