Marlene Rose at Hawthorn Gallery

Perhaps the easiest artistic genre to get away with is abstract sculpture. It generally takes no talent and very little training. You can make just about anything and it appears sophisticated. If you use glass or anything shiny all the better. As little new can be said about the abstract sculpture of the past quarter century basically what we’re left with is pretentious interior decoration.

If you’re looking for something to match the sofa it can make a fine investment as long as you don’t spend too much. You might be better off just displaying some melted plastic or unrecognizable machine part in your foyer. When you explain to your friends that they are admiring part of a tractor’s drive shaft they’ll think you’re brilliant. But if you drop a couple grand on some melted glass and randomly bent metal they’ll think you’re just a chump.

Marlene Rose has to drape her creations with a bit of nonsensical art speak to get the rubes to break open their checkbooks. The following is from her website:

“Her goal as an artist is to create life in what ever she makes. In simple terms, she makes the pieces come alive revealing the true and unique source of life energy in each creation.”

See, she’s creating life, like Dr. Frankenstein.  She’s revealing the true source of life energy.

Hang on there’s more:
“The glass immortalizes a glimpse of something fleeting beyond the moment, taking that moment and freezing it over.

“I call these pieces Evocators. They are kept moments, shards of what I have seen, unnamed emotions, visions, concepts, memories. They call back; and they are the vehicle on which a viewer’s vision can ride away.

“The glass is there only to see through.”

Vehicles on which a viewer’s vision can ride away. O’RLY?

Opening reception is April 11, 5-9 at Hawthorn.

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