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Birmingham News story on now missing local Banksy work

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Wall believed to bear art of British artist Banksy vanishes in Birmingham

Thursday, September 04, 2008
News staff writer

Although the image of a lynched Klansman was covered in black spray paint, a wall that possibly held a painting from famed graffiti artist Banksy disappeared Tuesday afternoon.

Marc Schiller, founder of the New York-based Wooster Collective, a Web site that tracks Banksy’s career, said it is not unusual for people to take walls where the British artist has left his work.

The Birmingham image was painted on the side of an abandoned Bush Boulevard Chevron on Friday, when the artist was rumored to have visited the city. First someone completely painted over the image, then later the entire wall vanished.

Banksy, whose name has never been publicly revealed, has sold works for millions, including one purchased earlier this year by celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for approximately $1.7 million, according to news reports.

Because of such reports, people often take the artist’s works, which are often spray-painted on the sides of buildings using stencils, Schiller said.

“Everyone is looking to exploit his work,” Schiller said.

However, because the image was painted over, Schiller said it is unlikely there will be a big payday for whoever took the wall. “What they took was not the piece, it was a wall with spray paint on it. The piece was ruined before it was taken,” Schiller said.

It was unclear who painted over the image or who took the wall.

One community resident said Wednesday she thinks it was someone in the Bush Hills neighborhood who did not understand the message the artist was trying to convey.

“It was an unknown; it was a mystery, but it didn’t look like a positive thing,” said Gwen DeRu. “Some people in the neighborhood didn’t want it to bring trouble.”

DeRu, however, said she believes Banksy is an “artist who, in his own way, is trying to pull the world together.”

“This is an internationally known artist and this is his artwork here in Birmingham. It shouldn’t be something people should want to see destroyed,” DeRu said.


Banksy spotted near Birmingham

Monday, September 1st, 2008

This graffiti work by Banksy is reported to be close to Malfunction Junction. If anyone finds it please let us know. I wonder if someone will paint over it. It’s probably worth fifty to a hundred thousand dollars.



Heath McPherson

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
Heath McPherson

McPherson is a local, Birmingham-area, artist. His website has some awesome Flash stuff on it and can be found here.

Heath McPherson

Johnson Art Center opens in Troy

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Troy Pike Cultural Arts Center

The Johnson Center for the Arts is now a reality. Troy, Alabama’s historic treasure, a classical-revival style post office, circa 1911, located just off the square in downtown Troy, has been resurrected through the Arts. It is a dynamic cultural arts center serving Troy, Pike County; their mission is the Cultural Enrichment of the Lives of all Citizens Through Education in and Exposure to the Arts.

Check out their website here.

Ed McGowin’s Human Beings Observing Nature

Friday, July 11th, 2008
Ed McGowin

Even though Ed McGowin paints his art really isn’t about the paintings. It’s about the frame or the idea. That’s why he is modern rather than postmodern. Also the fact that he isn’t very talented. At least not at painting. His whittling skills seem pretty good. It’s amazing that someone who has been painting for so long would never acquire the ability to do it well. It has to do with the fact that his mediocre works have always been lauded as brilliant. He never felt the need to get better.

Anyway, it’s always good to see a homeboy do good. He received his masters from the University of Alabama.

McGowin is having a big retrospective at the Flint Institute of Arts called Name Change because he has legally changed his name 12 times as a form of artistic expression.

An interesting article about the show can be found here.

The work below is entitled Dog Triptych.

Ed McGowin