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Fleischer Studio’s Gulliver’s Travels

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Right when Fleisher studios were headed out of business they produced their greatest achievement.

Gulliver’s Travels is a full-length animated cartoon from 1939 and is public domain and can be watched in its entirety right here. You can also buy original Gulliver artwork from Fleisher studios, including the animation cell below here. What separates Fleisher from Disney is Fleisher’s inventiveness. Sure Disney is great, but they never went out on a limb and tried new thing as cavalierly as Fleisher. You can really see it in Gulliver. The quality of the animation can be seen to improve as the movie goes along. At the beginning Gulliver and the water are unbelievable but some of the other stuff isn’t much better than your average Popeye cartoon. By the end of the movie everything is perfect, better than Snow White. You can just feel those crazy Fleischer brains churning all the way through it.