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Michael Kutsche’s Burschenschafter

Sunday, July 6th, 2008
Michael Kutsche

Digital art can be easier than traditional painting in that it is simpler to draw circles, straight lines etc., make universal changes, undo mistakes, incorporate photography, brake the artwork into easily manageable parts and zoom in and out. That being said it’s by no means easy and compared to the rest of contemporary art it ranks among the most difficult to execute.

If you want to see some dynamite digital check out Michael Kutshe’s website here.

The work below is entitled The Boxer.

Michael Kutsche

Linda Bergkvist’s Glimpse Of Summer

Sunday, June 29th, 2008
Linda Berkvist

Digital art has an unfortunate stigma similar to what airbrush used to have. somehow it seems like cheating. Also the choice of subject matter by these artists leans toward the kitsch. Still, there’s no denying the skill of many digital artists.

Linda Bergkvist’s website can be found here.

The work below is entitled Gone. Check out he detail. The fact is that kind of minute precision is impossible to achieve with traditional mediums.

Linda Berkvist
Linda Berkvist

Jean-Francois De Witte

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
Jean-Francois De Witte

Jean-Francois De Witte is a freakishly clever photographer and digital artist. More of his work can be found here.

Jean-Francois De Witte

Ilkka Halso’s Museum of Nature

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Ilkka Halso’s Museum of Nature digital photo series has achieved internet meme status in that it’s clever and easy to understand.

Here’s a quote from his website:

“Since last ten years I have been working with subjects concerning science illustration and methods of Natural history reschears. I have had a attitude of a gaious scientist, without obligation of truth or results. My works have been investigation of visual world of science.”

Note that researchers is misspelled and I’m pretty sure “gaious” isn’t even a word. It’s easy to make fun but how’s your Finnish?

Below is a picture of his museological installation. Check out the human skeleton in the background. There’s a lot going on here.

Star Wars money by Mark Brooks

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Mark Brooks is a talented artist who lives in Atlanta and works for Marvel comics. Venues refuses to link to his painfully annoying MySpace page but you can find his slightly less annoying Deviant Art page here.