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November 2011

Yes there are a lot of bad apples running for President in 2012 on the Republican ticket. Finally a man has risen above the sorry pack to demand the attention of the Birmingham Free Press. We are proud to endorse Michael “Lev” Levison as the most reasonable choice for the GOP. Levison is the only candidate with a clear plan for "World Peace and Food Chain Harmony."

Lev brings to our political table The Book ov Lev It A Kiss, a magnum opus 112-page double column Television Scripture lettered in 1969, to be spoken live whirled wide, on all TV channels, for all the world’s peoples to participate in together, all at once. His art from the heart, inspired ahead of its time, is to change the course of human history on our water planet. He only held the pen.

Lev is the only person alive with such a work of high poetic prophesy—world events expressly described in advance, every line a multilingual rhyme—running and punning through every spoken tongue, his spoken poem for all mankind to listen to and view. The Vehicle for World Peace, is prophetic art Lev is going to perform worldwide for all in the world, for free.

Here is Lev reciting the story of Adman and Even

Here is Lev’s Jobs Plan:

Sixty years ago, when I was a kid, the most famous Russian inventor was Reguspatoff. His name, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. was stamped on everything. We are the world’s youngest nation, with the oldest standing government. People look to US for leadership.

The price tag on Obama’s jobs plan approaches a half billion dollars, to be paid for by tax hiking the rich. But Obama’s program couldn’t even pass his Democrat controlled Senate. Our millionaires Senators all see taxes on the rich as personal attacks.

With Obama’s American Jobs Act, each imagined “job” costs taxpayers 87 thousand dollars. His reliance is on tax cuts and credits as incentive for businesses to hire, not job growth from realistic work creating fresh goods and genuine services.

Common sense is my dictate. We build thousands of traditional clipper ships, to carry our imports and exports worldwide. 10,000 clippers, with Chinese invented rotational masts to harness every gust, and software controlled photovoltaic sails for electric power aboard our wind driven clippers.

We export and import more than any other country. Everything for sale in USA, whether Kool-Aid, soap, or toothpaste, is exported. All we take for granted: cooking oil, grains, whatever you see on our shelves, and more, we sell worldwide, including our technologies.

Solyndra, an Obama favorite, recently declared bankruptcy. Their photovoltaic thin film technology can be redesigned for ship sails and we can recoup the Obama administration’s half billion-dollar loan.

This clipper shipbuilding program means long-term jobs wherever there is water and people need work. Shipyards will spring to life along all our seacoasts; also Lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario. Ten thousand clippers will reaffirm our lead er ship on good ship mother earth.

My clipper shipbuilding program is major for U.S. to rejuvenate the world's economy besides a long-term solution for ending our jobless slump.

Building 10,000 clippers will create, within a few years, millions of semi-skilled jobs, leading to even better, fully skilled jobs! Not everyone dreams of operating a computer, writing software, or working on the Internet. For many people, a decent paying job, where they can train while working, and grow into skilled labor carpenter positions, or plumbers, and electricians, building ships with their hands, is a dream come true, trades they can use wherever they go.

Student crews will pay reduced tuition besides room and board for their undergraduate educations, while seeing the world, so with or without a cargo the clippers make money.

We can say to every company that relocated their factories overseas, we welcome your goods, as long as they come to US on our ships; and to every country, we welcome your products as long as our ships bring them to USA.

Apple sits on 82 billion dollars in profits. With tax benefits, might some billions be invested building ships to carry their laptops, ipads and ipods around the world? Lots of companies could put their own cash hoards to work.

University endowments, and Wall Street are another source of funding for clipper shipyards. Harvard could launch a fleet of forty ships, freeing 1600 freshman seats on land. Ten thousand merchant clippers justify our navy’s presence in the Pacific.

In the South Pacific, there is a current crossroads the size of Texas blanketed with forty years of plastic trash, dangerous to Mother Nature’s sea born creatures. Governments that flagships will pay U.S. by the ton for our clippers to nestle, rake and sift that corrupted sea top clean.

Here is Lev's Mortgage Plan:

We need economic rejuvenation. My mortgage plan calls for purchasing every bank held mortgage with an original financial instrument: U.S. Mortgage Savings Bonds.

The Bonds, backed by the good faith of the American people cannot be redeemed until the mortgages are paid! They are also backed by private property on which the U.S. Bonds are written.

We pay 85 cents on the good, 65 cents for bad, and 49 cents for ugly; 52 million mortgages, refinanced with 15-30 year fixed rates, according to your credit: 4% for triple A up to 7% for late pay deadbeats.

Banks can go with us or slide down their own foreclosure drain. Regardless, we are purchasing all their mortgages, top shelf triple A or troubled. We are entitled to the fruits of our labors, this repurchase by Executive Order, my first day in our Oval office.

Retooling millions of mortgages can be accomplished with a fail-safe do-it-your-self, online program, or figured by neighborhood tax preparers.

Every homeowner benefits from a restructured fixed mortgage. The world’s e con oh me will settle into non-inflationary growth.

We tack on non-interest bearing 2nd mortgages to cover the upside-down money in homes that swapped and sold for twice their value before the bubble burst, toxic still, after our buy out whack, so people can remain in their dream house, draw down their debt, and eventually, as prices inch up, their mortgage paid down, see their liens paid off fair and square, with a reasonable portion of equity intact. This is a great way to stabilize sub-prime sub-divisions. Foreclosed houses devalue the whole artery.

After our repurchase, the renewed mortgages shall be divided amongst the bank branches in the same zip codes, for servicing.

We let the bank branches hold twelve payments of ‘our’ money. With a year of mortgage money, the branches are flush with capital to make loans in the neighborhoods where the mortgage money is paid; where jobs are created.

Branches can provide operating capital to all the businesses in their zip codes the old fashioned way, after visiting the business.

There is in tryst on our Mortgage Savings Bonds with which all the home mortgages were purchased. There will be in tryst on our money, which we are letting bank branches use expressly for loaning out to neighborhood businesses hungry for capital.

Interest accrued from our trillion-dollar mortgage purchase will be washed, boxed and locked, sent to Washington every month! The spread on our 52 million home mortgages will go to lowering our national debt and after that, replacing our income tax!

Homeowners will be freed from income tax with their dollars in their pocket to do with as they please. Mortgage interest will go for public safety, education and public works, replacing the tax on our hands. Government of the people won’t be foreclosing houses. Unemployed? Pay your mortgage interest until you get back on your feet.

Apply these principals to commercial mortgages. Principal goes to retiring the Mortgage Bonds. The interest spread draws down our national debt — tax relief for citizens, toxic asset relief for banks, and capital for running our government. With Lev innovation, mortgage investors, and others will be lining up to invest in USA.

People will vote for these Lev recession stuffing measures in a heartbeat. Obama ‘s approach to governing rewards the rich who feed his election campaigns by printing trillions in future debt.

Here is Lev's Health Care Plan:

Health care drains one sixth of our economy but nothing comes from medical treatment beyond personal well-being; not economic growth, unless you include the salaries of health pros treating your illness, or the insurance executive’s healthy bonus for reimbursing doctors, yet refusing you coverage because your disease was inherited.

Without access to health care, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is a cruel joke. All can agree our once throbbing economy is troubled, leading our leaderless world downward.

One prob limb in our house of economic cards is the growing rolls of those who lost their health care insurance along with their jobs, and while jobless, they cannot pay their home mortgages, which are also growing foreclosure tock sick by the day.

My solution simplifies this issue: We voluntarily charge ourselves two cents gratuity on everything we purchase at all our fast food chains, also Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target and every supermarket nationwide.

40 items in a supermarket easily rings up $150. Would another eighty cents, tip for the lowliest workers matter? At the week’s end we divide the pennies in tips by the hours that were worked so cashiers, burger flippers and baggers each gets a dollar an hour raise with the overage dollars in tip money going to their Medical Assurance Savings account.

Your account goes with you when you move on to another job. 12 million people will have Medical Assurance accounts to share with their spouse and family.

At year’s end the 12 million healthy will have medically banked easily a quarter billion dollars in case they get sick, and 24-30 million loved ones will be sharing the same health care blanket, because of our voluntary pennies.

$5 a week is earmarked for the Catastrophic Illness Pool. After six weeks, 360 million will be in that account to cover every potential surgery. People suffering with pre-existing conditions will be invited to join.

Car dealerships and other companies that provide health insurance will migrate to Medical Assurance Savings accounts. With my Loose Penny program funding our non-profit-motivated Medical Assurance Pool, everyone will be covered and live longer, healthier lives.

For success we need a one-line change in our tax code. Medical professionals must be allowed to do $50,000 a year in charity that is deducted off the top of their income – then, after all their deductions an additional $25,000 off their bottom line, so the Dr.’s and Dentists can look forward to Freedom of Income Tax.

Every doctor will have a sign outside: “No insurance? I’m here.” The loss of tax dollars is off set by the savings in Emergency Rooms. Unless there is an actual emergency people will be given a list of charity professionals who will treat them.
The two-penny gratuity doesn't come out of management's pocket, but work place production will increase because of it. When someone quits, the crew might ask to let them pick up the slack. One less hire means more for everybody working.

Dr.’s will compete to treat you. You agree to their fee, the Dr. swipes your Assurance card to secure the money, fulfills the treatment and collects, without insurance people compromising his treatment.

I’m also planning a doctor-supported Malpractice Pool.

The long-term solution is free medical education for all related medical personal, our goal 100,000 doctors graduating every year until there is one family doctor per thousand people.

Presidential leadership prevails, not Congress or lobbyists.

Find out more about Lev here


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