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December 2009

David Koresh's Interpretation of the Book of Revelation

Did you know that before ol' David Koresh bit the big one he wrote an exhaustive update to the most troublesome book in the New Testament? Here it is for your reading pleasure:


It is a great privilege to be a part of the forwarding of the Revelations that are found within this inspired book. My sense of duty and a strong obligation to Truth has been stirred up within me like never before, as I have realized the awesome Truth, which only now has been revealed through the Chosen Vessel, being the author of this book. Everyone has a destiny to fulfill, and the road you choose determines your destiny. I have found my destiny, and of my own free will I have gladly chosen it; as I was always destined to choose it.

The writings of this book reveal New Light, being the promised understanding of the mysteries of the Bible, which only now have been unsealed for all who have an ear to hear. The living vessel that God has chosen to reveal the finality of scripture, has revealed the New Light which is found within the pages of this book.

The surviving Branch Davidians who have not received and understood the Revelation that this book contains, have only the understanding of the Light revealed and fulfilled by David Koresh. The Chosen Vessel of the Remaining Bride has revealed the new understanding which pertains to the final fulfillment of scripture. This understanding could not be revealed nor was it meant to be revealed, until David Koresh fulfilled those prophecies which he came to reveal and fulfill. In Truth, those who once followed the inspired message of David Koresh and do not accept this final fulfillment, have as it were, rejected the teachings of David Koresh.

There has never been a generation in which God did not reveal Present Truth through a Chosen One. To reject the explanation of prophecies contained in the Seven Seals, which are found in this book, is to reject the Holy Spirit. All manner of sin shall be forgiven a person except one: to sin against the Holy Spirit by rejecting Present Truth.

There are many voices in Christendom and other religions who declare their words to be inspired and of edification. In my personal journeys through life I have read and heard many of these so-called ministers of God. None of them in my opinion can hold a candle to the illuminating Light which this book imparts. I am fully convinced to the depth of my heart and my soul that this book reveals the prophecies of the Bible; completely and accurately. My life and my talents, which God has blessed me with, I have fully devoted to the cause of forwarding Present Truth.

Once the Seven Seals book has been fully understood, the reader will have the clear realization that time is very short. By my own convictions I have given my full support to this work, being the forwarding of Salvation for others. My reigns have been stirred up within me, to make available these gems of inspired knowledge to all who desire them. Now that you have acquired a copy of this book, make a diligent search of its Revelations, committing them to memory. All who believe the Present Truth contained in this book are to impart this truth unto others. The power of God and the support of spiritual Angels shall open doors that Truth may enter therein. The Elect will believe the explanation contained in the Seven Seals book, though none of the rebellious shall understand. The Elect are of a righteous heart and mind, being unified into the family of Elohiym.

There is a test of knowledge in the Bible, whereby we may know who understands the true meanings of the prophecies and who does not. In Rev.13:18 it reveals a question which only the one who has wisdom can fully understand. Apply the test of Rev.13:18 to anyone who believes they have insight into Bible prophecy. You will very quickly realize that they are guessing and do not have a clue as to what the meaning of the number 666 is. You will find the correct understanding of Rev.13:18 within this book.   You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free; free from the chains of darkness. Surrender to the Truth, surrender your spirit and those ambitions which are connected to the world. Instead, connect your spirit and ambitions to this Truth, by promoting and forwarding God's plan of salvation.

For the things of this world shall shortly pass away and only those connected to God's book of life shall be saved. Eternity in paradise, surrounded by glory with your perfect mate, is a great and at this point, unimaginable gift; reserved for those who are willing and obedient.

May you enter into God's Rest.



Why Is This Book Important?

The contents of this book will enlighten a person who is searching for Present Day Truth. This book reveals the meanings that pertain to the prophecies of the Bible. Those who believe in the Word of God above all other forms of inspiration, will find in this book, a vast amount of treasure that has been hidden from the eyes of creation until the appointed time when all would be revealed.

Why Are The Prophecies Of The Bible So Important To Know?

Without the understanding of prophecy as written in God's Word, a person would be stumbling in the dark. The understanding of God's Word is an illuminating light that pierces into the darkness. Those who have been illuminated by the Revelation of the Seven Seals prophecies, will see their path and destination ahead. God's plan for the latter days was kept secret and hidden until the time of the latter day people who are to fulfill the prophecies. That day has arrived, and the meanings of all the written prophecies in God's Word, have been revealed.

What Can This Book Do For Me?

This book will open the vaults of prophecy, which have been locked since the beginning of this creation. The mysteries of God's Word shall be clearly seen, that God's plan of salvation may be understood for those who live in the latter days. To not heed unto Present Day Truth, which this book reveals as never before, is to have no regard for the Spirit of Prophecy, therefore showing that you have no interest in God's Word. The goal of the Author, is that this book will impart a great understanding pertaining unto the plan of salvation for the latter day people, through God's Word. The student of the Seven Seals Revelation, is to study the contents of this book, using the Bible; preferably the King James version. Thereby the seeker of God's gems may receive the knowledge of the Seven Seals Mysteries into their minds and memories, once they have eaten the spiritual food which will make them ready for harvesting.

Why Is It Important For Me To Know And Study This Book?

This book is a series of complex teachings, having been written as plainly as possible; written in such a way, that the more a person reads the more a person will be able to understand; as a stream of water that gently moves into a river. It is evident that God's people have always been destroyed because they rejected present day knowledge. In the days of Noah, God revealed Present Truth through Noah. All who would board the ark would live, yet, how many heeded to the present day message of Noah? The same application is true in our day, being the latter days. Those who refuse the knowledge that is contained in this book, will lose the opportunity of acquiring an awesome glory in God's Kingdom. Therefore you must read and study this book, using your Bible as you read, to look up every verse that is quoted, and that which you do not understand in this book, you must ask and make inquiry until the meaning is clear and your perception true. This book is not written like a novel, neither is this book designed to be entertaining. Only those who thirst and hunger to know the mysteries of God's Word will be enlightened after studying this book. To the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. The plainest of words and the simplest of illustrations have been used to show and reveal the prophecies of God's Word.

Now That This Book Exists, What Are The Implications?

The final warning has now come. This book unlocks the prophecies, whereby if you believe the warnings that are contained in this book, you will escape the terrible time of trouble such as never was, which is at the door of being fulfilled. To not understand God's prophecies in the latter days, is to have rejected the Revelation of the Seven Seals Scroll. This book will explain and unlock the plan of salvation for those who live in the last generation. There are many laws in this world. If you break man's laws, then you shall be punished according to man's laws. However, if you break God's laws by rejecting Present Truth, then you would have committed the unpardonable sin against the Holy Ghost. All manner of sins against man's laws shall be forgiven you, but those who sin against the laws of God, as revealed through the Seven Seals Scroll, shall not be forgiven, neither in this life or the life to come. It is imperative that you study the writings of this book, to such a level that you yourself could present the same teachings that you learned from this book, directly from your Bible. Truth has never been popular, but the hungry shall eat and be satisfied with the contents and explanations of this book.

By Whose Authority Is This Book Written?

You are to judge for yourself, by what authority this book is of. Try the spirit of the book, by applying the test of God's Word, for out of the mouth of two or three Prophets of God, shall all things be tested. Everyone is to be convinced in their own mind and not someone else's mind. Take no man or woman's negative reasoning for rejecting this Revelation until you have personally studied every word and page of this book, and looked up every verse that is quoted therein with your own Bible. A fool follows a fool, and both will be outside the pearly gates of God's Kingdom. That which is written in prophecy shall soon be fulfilled. Those who believe the warnings contained in this book, and fulfill the prophecies that this book reveals, shall stand upright and true, in the terrible time of trouble such as never was. The great and dreadful day of God's wrath shall be upon all those who have rejected the Spirit of Prophecy, which this book will be seen to be. I have kept the faith, and fought the good fight, and endured the battle and followed the course which was laid before me. That which I have been given to do, I have done. This book has materialized that the reader and believer of the Seven Seals Revelation may run when once they were lame, and see when once they were blind, and be fed when once they were hungry, and be clothed when once they were naked, and be saved when once they were lost. To understand biblical prophecy, is to understand this book, which is the Spirit of Prophecy sent out to many nations before the coming of the great and dreadful day of God's wrath. Those who have just one ear, let them incline unto the words of this book.



The events of the past relating to God's people are types and ensamples (examples) of the latter day events according to prophecy. The book of Revelation points us back to the old testament scriptures containing the prophecies which are to be fulfilled in the latter days (our day). All the prophecies which are written in the Word of God concern the Messiah and the Chosen Vessel. The Spirit of Prophecy states, that the volume (all) of the book (scriptures) is written of the Messiah, see Ps.40:7.

Having an understanding of the historical events written of in the Bible will allow the future prophecies to be understood. The Seven Seals Revelation is understood through the past people and events which are recorded in scripture. Jerusalem rejected Ezekiel, Jeremiah and all the Prophets. The Christian leaderships of today (typifying old Jerusalem) listen to their own prophets who know not the Revelation of the Seven Seals. Only the Anointed of God can reveal the mysteries which are locked (sealed) in the pages of prophecy.

The prophecies written in God's Word (which have a Thus 'Saith The Lord') use the past scenario of events to reveal the future fulfillment, though the types of the past are often reversed in the latter day fulfillment of prophecy (however this is not always the case). Only the Chosen Vessel of God can clearly know and reveal the Revelation of God's Word. None of the rebellious shall understand these things (Present Truth), only the wise shall understand. The wise become so, by having an ear to hear what the Chosen Vessel has to say according to the meanings (Present Truth) which have been hidden until now.

The only test for a seeker of Truth who wants to know who is of God and who is a deceiver, is to see who can reveal the Seven Seals Scroll that is in the hand of the one who sits upon the throne. The Seven Seals Revelation is the understanding and conclusion of every prophecy contained in the words of the Prophets, as all the Prophets speak concerning the Messiah (Christ). The Anointed who revealed the Seven Seals has brought the conclusion (fulfillment) of the prophecies that are written in the volume of the book (scroll), see Ps.40:7. There is no other test given for recognizing the Lamb who came as a thief in the night before the great and dreadful day of the Lord when every eye shall see him in glory and majesty.

All prayers, fastings and offerings to God, without the desire to understand God's plan of salvation in prophecy, are done in vain and are pointless. The daily bread which the professed believers of Christ are to pray for, is the Hidden Manna: the Seven Seals spiritual bread of life (the Daily who was sacrificed on the Altar of Rev.6:9; the Daily of Dan. 8:11, the Messiah of Dan.9:26). Present Truth (Seven Seals) feeds the spiritual soul which grows in strength and faith by the understanding of the Hidden Manna which John the Revelator ate in Rev.10:9. The rebellious who are not eating of the Hidden Manna, which is contained and found within the sealed scroll, are of Babylon (confusion).

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