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Volume 4


October 2010

Christ Returns


Maitreya, the World Teacher appears out of thin air in Kenya

Yeah, it's a great headline. And best of all we can use it over and over.

Air America didn't go over nearly as well as its right-wing counterparts for a number of reasons. Not the least of these was advertising. Not just the lack there of, but the quality there of. Though the right-wing tends to be associated with science denial there is also a serious strain of anti-intellectualism coming from the left. Usually this will involve weird ideas about food and vitamins but it can also take the form of new-age guruism and such.

The first time I ever heard about Maitreya, the World Teacher, was on an ad on Air America. Maitreya is a traditional name for the Buddha but it has been adopted by some fellow by the name of Benjamin Creme. Creme claims to be a disciple of a disciple in the order of Maitreya. This seems to be some sort of new-age religion that picks from all the others. You know the story. Series of prophets, one of them has to be Christ, new prophet with new revelations about how all religion has been misunderstood until today. A tip of the hat to eastern mysticism. All the standard fare.

It's pretty common knowledge if you want your new age religion to take off in America you have to include Jesus in some fashion. Now check out this snippet from the official Maitreya the World Teacher website.

Q. If you are correct in thinking that the Christ and the Masters are in and coming into the world, is this not something altogether too big, too great an experience for ordinary people to deal with?

A. You will find that Maitreya and the Masters, although from our point of view perfected, spiritual beings, are straightforward, simple, and totally respectful in their approach to humanity. They do not, and will not ever, behave like remote Gods of popular imagination. They are men, like us, but men without fault. They have a ready sense of humour, simplicity of approach, and They know better than we do ourselves the inner spiritual nature of all people. Maitreya is the Lord of Love, the Spiritual Hierarchy is the Centre in the planet in which the Love of God is expressed and that exemplifies Their approach to us. It is unconditional.

Nice trick there. Enough mumbo jumbo to confuse you into forgetting that they switched Christ's name for Maitreya.

Here is a nice sample of Maitreya supernatural predictions:

"Maitreya seeks to illuminate the working of that law for us through His scientific understanding of the law in action.

He is not enunciating divine fiats nor seeing into the future by clairvoyance, divine or otherwise. He is showing that our actions, if pursued, eventuate through the Law of Cause and Effect, in specific events.

However, humanity has free will and at any time can change the course of those events, for better or worse. Under the Law of Free Will, Maitreya may not interfere and impose solutions which we might prefer to the results of our own actions." The energies of Aquarius, synthesis and brotherhood, and Maitreya's energy of Love have inspired men and women to bring about the changes in the world, which He forecast.

In 1988, He forecast the release of Nelson Mandela and the process of détente in South Africa. Again in 1988, when Mrs. Thatcher was at the peak of her powers, Maitreya said that she would resign. In the same year, He stated that governments everywhere would have to give way to the "voice of the people", a statement which found its most impressive proof in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, Maitreya forecast the cease-fire between Iran and Iraq; the withdrawal of foreign troops from Angola; the global rapproachement between guerrilla forces and national governments; the Armenian earthquake in 1988, and those in California and China in 1989; the internal problems of the Soviet Union; the establishment of peace in Lebanon. In 1988 He promised: "Many people will be healed from AIDS through the practice of prayer". Dutch television announced in October 1995 that more than 400 people had been cured of AIDS through prayer in Uganda. In1991 Maitreya forecast the election of a Democrat as President of the United States and the positive developments at that time in the relation between Israel and the Palestinians. However, His 1988 forecast that "the Palestinians will have their own country..the Israelis will be back in their own country" has yet to manifest because the politicians in all countries involved have yet to cooperatively resolve the causes of conflict in the Middle East: separatism, failure to share resources and desire to dominate. The timing always depends upon humanity's choices. Again in 1988, Maitreya forecast "a major international stock market crash, beginning in Japan", the effect of a cause, which is the irrational economic system which continues to dominate the world."

I'm convinced, where do you sign up? Oh yeah, here.


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