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October, 2005

Strange Conspiracy on
Crawford Broadcasting

For the past few weeks on Birmingham's Crawford Broadcasting stations there's been an odd continuing theme. Basically it's Social Darwinism. Rich people are rich because they're smarter, stronger and work harder. Poor people, on the other hand, are lazy, shiftless and stupid.

As disturbing as this idea is on the surface, the racial overtones by Crawford hosts, Burt and Kurt, Matt Murphy and their listeners are frightening. Always following a renouncement of the sins of racism is the troubling presupposition that most Black folk are living in the projects and on welfare.

As a rebuttal to the idea that rich, successful people are harder working, smarter and generally more virtuous than the poor; it's obvious to anyone who's ever been in a corporate environment that backstabbing and ass-kissing will get you a lot farther than honesty and hard work.

Matt Murphy has spent a lot of time on his radio show promoting Social Darwinism, not that he would ever call it that. But if Matt is supposedly on the winning team because he's willing to go the extra mile, why is he fat? It seems that that inner drive and determination would help him pull away from the trough and get a little exercise.

Nostalgia for Lies on Talk Radio

The BFP website receives roughly thirty e-mails a week from people around the world expressing a general loathing for Birmingham's radio despots Russ and Dee Fine. Not a few of them are of the "I hate Russ and Dee too, but you guys are a bunch of idiots," variety. Followed by an infantile explanation of religion or a racist diatribe.

We don't regularly listen to Russ and Dee anymore because they've fallen into the rut of blaming all the problems of the world on illegal immigration. If the U.S. genuinely has a problem with too many migrant workers crossing our southern border, tirades by historically racist segments of society aren't going to resolve the problem. Also it's suspicious that conservatives, who supposedly believe in free trade and laissez-fare economics, are fixating on this issue.

Russ and Dee haven't always focused their venom on Mexicans. They built their reputation by providing an open forum for people to vent against Blacks. You wouldn't think Birmingham, Alabama would be a fertile market for that kind of rhetoric, but if your target audience is the ignorant hillbilly demographic it works out just fine.

For years it was fashionable on talk radio to rant about gays and their "agenda." Then something strange happened in America and it became almost acceptable to be gay. As time goes by it will become harder and harder to believe that states once could outlaw consensual relations between adults.

Good ol' Russ Fine, when cornered, explained that he condemned homosexuality because he was just following the law as handed down in the book of Exodus. Now anyone even vaguely familiar with the Torah recognizes that it's filled with all kind of wacky rules and regulations that nobody abides by today. To single out a handful of them and ignore the majority only reveals personal prejudices.

Theft Legalized in Alabama

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Jesus Boiling in Excrement?

In his book Divided by God, Noah Feldman postulates that the separation clause of the First Amendment meant something totally different to the founding fathers than it does to us today. Now days we have one side claiming that the article was meant to keep religion a personal decision and avoid the establishment of a theocracy. The other side believes we already live in a theocracy and all the First Amendment does is keep congress from establishing a national religion, leaving it open for the president, states, courts or army to do so.

Feldman argues that the original intent was primarily to keep individuals from being taxed to support a religious establishment they may not believe in. He writes that there was too much diversity in beliefs back in 1776 for any real threat of a dominant denomination to arise. Now mind you, this was a time when virtually everyone in the country was Protestant.

Today despite our religious diversity a new-age philosophy has arisen that actually threatens to squash our liberty. Most Americans claim to believe in "God." The fact that they all believe in different gods doesn't even seem to be an issue. With the recent development of something called "Judeo-Christian" values everyone can join in. Until 9/11 Muslims were part of this new cult too; but now they get portrayed as the enemy.

Anyway, before this goes too far let's all remember that Christians believe the Jews are going to Hell. It doesn't matter if they're the salt of the earth. No Jesus, no pearly gates.

But what do the Jews believe about Christians? According to the Talmud Jesus, at this very moment, is boiling in hot excrement. I'm not making this up.

So don't worry. After the theocracy becomes official and all the religious leaders get together to work out the details they're likely to go for each other's throats or forget about the whole thing and return to secular form of government.

W. off the Wagon?

Birmingham Prepares
for Kool-Aid Party

If you hate Mexicans the place to be is downtown Birmingham on October 15th. People all across the globe who like to stereotype Southerners as racist will get new ammunition for their arguments as the Alabama Tea Party returns.

Famed speakers like Peter Brimelow will be there to explain how all of life's problems could be solved if we would just get rid of all those pesky wetbacks hogging up the good apple picking jobs. Brimelow had better not let his buddy David Duke find out he's hanging out with Jews like event sponsors Russ and Dee Fine.

Other noteworthy speakers include D.A. King and coconut Francisco Jorge.

Previous Tea Parties have been held for such nobel causes as keeping segregationist language in the state constitution,

Here's a fun game: In a state with a quarter of its population African American, it should be easy to find black faces in this crowd. (Here's a hint. He's wearing overalls and standing next to a nice mullet.)

D. James Kennedy Still Crazy

There is an argument in Christian apologetics that claims the rich are blessed and the poor are cursed. Though a view held only by rich Christians who want to believe Jesus loves them most, both Pat Robertson and D. James Kennedy have made this point on occasion.

Because both Robertson and Kennedy are so politically active and nationalistic the argument is used to explain why America is so rich. Recently Kennedy was comparing the good ol' USA to Haiti. His theory is that the Haitians worship Satan in the form of Voodoo and that's why they are so poor.

Disregarding the fact that calling Voodoo Satanism is just moronic, statistics show that 96% of Haitians are Christian as opposed to 77% of the citizens of the U.S.

Furthermore, if one was to believe that supernatural forces give cash to there favorite people all we would have to do is find the richest guy in the world, find out what his religious beliefs are and do that.

More Lies on Talk Radio

Remember when the U.S. army liberated Iraq? That's right, the invasion used to be called liberation. Iraq was responsible for 9/11 and was getting ready to send robot gliders with atomic bombs to attack America.

Supporters of the war continually site al-Qaeda connections and Iraq's WMDs as a justification for the war. There strategy has been, just wait, just wait, just wait and then lie, lie, lie. It's amazing. Do they think the American public has no memory at all?

On October 8, Lee Davis, a typical Birmingham conservative radio host, claimed the the U.N. Security council unanimously supported the invasion of Iraq. The caller, who opposed the war, was silenced by this "fact" and I'm sure Davis' right-wing audience felt another liberal had been put in his place. This is an example of why conservatives have thrived on talk radio. It's a great venue for lairs

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