Voice Mail/BFP,
9340 Helena Road
Suite F-176
Birmingham, AL

Dear "Son",

Though I should offer that your exchange of ideas with one another falls far short of a "feud," I applaud your willingness to share your family's discourse with the rest of us; I enjoy reading material from such enlightened individuals.  Or perhaps it is that I am surrounded by the unenlightened masses...which brings me to my point.

Uncle Tex refers to those who value human life and human dignity, suggesting that many can be found in A-L-A-B-A-M-A.  I am a recent transplant to Birmingham, and find it to be a lovely city with friendly inhabitants.  However, while friendly they may be, enlightened they surely are not.  I feel that I am in such a minority here; I do not speak out for fear of reproach.  A recent headline from the Birmingham Post read "Nabbed Plotter Hated U.S."  The idea that there are those abroad that despise us is apparently front-page news around here.  I could go on (and on and on) but the bottom line is this — while Birmingham might be a wonderful place to raise a family, I have serious concerns about raising MY family in such an egocentric environment ("selfish America" if you will).  I believe this will become all the more evident when the state joins the ranks of California and Missouri and elects Roy Moore governor.  I am here now for educational purposes only, and when I am finished, though I loathe moving long distances, I will likely place a great distance between my family and the Christian fundamentalists who run this state.

I was very pleasantly surprised today to find a copy of the Birmingham Free Press on a street corner I walk past on my way to work.  Perhaps all is not lost after all.  Maybe I'll leave a copy lying around at work and challenge the minds of some of my co-workers.


To whom it may concern:

I want you to know that I do not, in any way, appreciate your comments on Russ and Dee. They are in no way racist, in fact, on October 21, 2004, Russ said "I do not believe in labels, we all have the same color blood, we are all Americans." He likes the company of black people more than most people. And Dee is even more loving toward black people.

About them being against "brown people," are they against illegal immigrants? Yes! Everyone should be.They come into America stealing jobs without even so much as paying taxes. They get scholarships that white people should get, even though they are criminals in that their first criminal act is the fact that they are here illegally.

Russ and Dee are not, however, in any way racist toward those Hispanic peoples who are here legally, have green cards, or are American citizens. They are, though, against illegal immigrants coming to America pregnant, then getting welfare from the taxpayers to feed that baby, which they had in the US illegally.

You need to put this email on your website, and I would love for you to reply to me about this issue. Russ and Dee are the true voice of Alabama and many people would not get the truth if they did not listen to Russ and Dee.

Thank you for your time,
John Andrews


When the Fines get on the radio and stereotype minority groups, be they Mexicans, Muslims, Gays etc., they are doing more harm to Southerners than anyone else. They routinely highlight the negative and downplay, or ignore, the positive. Why haven't they dedicated a show to the 37,000 green card holders in the U.S. armed forces? I would guess it's because they're on a mission to vilify and dehumanize the helpless. This nationalist streak is a sad turn for our country.

You seem to be clinging to the letter of the law. If the illegals were granted amenity would they become acceptable to you? Those babies you revile are just as much citizens of the U.S. as you are.

A show like Russ and Dee's would have been illegal in 1986 before the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. Did you know that there are alternative points of view to the Neocons' anti-Mexican agenda? By mistaking the propaganda on AM (FM in the Fines' case) talk radio for news or "fair and balanced" commentary, people like you seem to find it easy to assume your fears and prejudices are universal truths.

The BFP's problem with the Russ and Dee show is largely based on the fact that they reinforce stereotypes of Southerners. We don't want to be dehumanized anymore than the Arabs, Blacks, Mexicans, Gays etc. do. It's embarrassing to turn on the radio and know that our public airwaves are filled with an unchallenged agenda that glorifies the confederate battle flag and mocks the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center.