Moore Stays in Headlines Despite High Court Rejections


Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument is a celebration of a world view that is relatively new. It's a brand of Protestantism that incorporates modern ideas such as those of Norman Vincent Peale who coined the term "Judeo-Christian" in his 1952 book "The Power of Positive Thinking." This world view sees all of humanity as bit players in a drama about its creator. Like many Christians, Muslims and Jews here at the dawn of the 21st century, Moore believes that YHWH, the one and only God, created the universe. He then created mankind, his pride and joy. Occasionally YHWH selects some random person to talk to. This is really where the problem comes in. Just who, if anybody, is YHWH really talking to? A lot of people believe He spoke to Moses. According to legend the entire Torah, including the Ten Commandments, was just dictated to Moses. I would love to have seen the expression on his face when he got to the part about his own death. After Moses a lot of people claimed to be getting messages from YHWH, and a few were writing them down.

According to American Protestants like Roy Moore about two thousand years ago YHWH sent/became an avatar named Joshua (Jesus). Depending on who you ask Jesus either confirmed or dismissed all of the laws of Moses, but most Protestants believe the main issue is that YHWH became Jesus. That's the biggy. No Jews allowed. Both Christians and Jews claim to believe in the Ten Commandments but there are many versions and interpretations. The original commandments were basically just ten words. Roy Moore's version is kind of like the King James translation but it has a few edits here and there.

If we had an objective measurement of who YHWH has actually talked to and who only thinks they're in touch the Ten Commandments situation would solve itself. It's safe to say Moore believes YHWH talked to Moses, also a bunch of the Old Testament Prophets. Joshua actually was YHWH. The four Gospel writers had a direct connection, as did St. Paul and anyone else whose letters made it into the Canon. But Constantine has to be included too because he edited and set the basic template for most Bibles accepted today. I think it's safe to say that Roy Moore believes Mohammed is definitely out. Since Protestantism is the most diverse religious group on the planet after Hinduism it's unfair to make any more generalizations except to say it's definitely not Catholic and probably not Orthodox.

Roy Moore's branch of Protestantism is a reflection of its place and time. The King James Bible has always been the standard in America. But a lot of trendy secular and socialistic ideas have worked their way into the dogma. YHWH must have told somebody somewhere that keeping slaves, abusing women and having sex with children was wrong. I wonder who.