Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Christmas at Sloss Furnaces
December is so much fun. We get lights and songs and food. We enjoy candies, company, cookies and, hmmm, the forging of steel. Thatís right! This uniquely Birmingham Christmas event can be found at Sloss Furnace on December 7. Visitors can design and create an original cast iron Christmas tile, observe resident artists pour molten iron from a mini furnace, paint a pre-poured iron Christmas tree and decorate their own wrapping paper for their gifts. Hey, what better way can you celebrate the holiday so special to Vulcanís heart? Just remember, if you love them, ĒSay it with Steel.Ē Sloss Furnace is located at #20, 32nd St. North for you out-of-town holiday visitors. For more information call: 205-324-1911

A Celtic Christmas
Gotta go to this one. Described as the ďVon Trapp Family of Irish MusicĒ this family band of classically trained musicians and championship Irish dancers offers us a spellbinding holiday showcase for the whole family. Children ranging from 7 to 17 make up the band, Celtic Spring. The show is at 8pm at the Hoover Public Library, December 11-13. Tickets are $15. For more information call 205-444-7888

Christmas on the Farm
O.K. Here we go. If you havenít been to this event you really need to go. If youíre not in a good mood, you need to drink a beer, or a cup of herb tea, or whatever you do to relax, and get your significant other to drive you through the lights. I enjoyed the lights because my daughter enjoyed the lights. And Christmas is my favorite holiday. Iíve always gotten excited about Christmas. So donít be Scroogey. I have to admit that the main thing going through my head was just how smart this guy was. When I calculated how many people were in each wagon, drawn by tractors, I was shocked. When I calculated how much money was driving around in those cars, I was shocked. But I eventually actually wound up relaxing and eating some chili while my little girl got her picture taken with Santa Claus. And as we were leaving we hit the traffic that was backed up for miles. All of them were just waiting to drive around the field, see the lights and get a picture with Santa. Please donít get me wrong. The crowds were unbelievable. And it amazes me how much this guy is raking in. I just wish I had thought of it. But it really is something you have to see. My daughter had a wonderful time. And even with the crowds it was good to just relax and sit back around so many people who were all just there to have good family fun. And I have never seen so many Christmas lights before. Itís in Hayden, off Highway 160, 30 miles north of Birmingham 205-647-2183/205-647-8311