The Birmingham Free Press is a free locally oriented newspaper with a focus on community, featuring local news, opinions and humor. We aim to enlighten citizens of the Birmingham Metro Area on the issues that affect them, and encourage everyone to speak up for themselves while listening to what their neighbors have to say.

Specific areas such as Southside, Downtown, Homewood, Crestline Village and many others are regularly featured, while other stories tackle larger issues of the day, and a bit of humor is liable to be lurking around just about anywhere.

The BFP, while striving to maintain a balance of viewpoints, is committed to honest and open discourse. It is quite possible, and perhaps preferable, if at some point each reader finds his or herself challenged and perhaps offended by something found within our pages. We feel that in order to serve the community it is important to offer converging and divergent viewpoints and opinions in order to stimulate real communication. Let's get it out there for everyone to see.

We want to inform and challenge the citizens of Birmingham and the Metro Area to take a look at themselves and their neighbors. Though we will not rigidly adhere to local issues, sometimes straying to national or international topics, our main focus will return to Birmingham and how these issues affect our city.

We are always open to your suggestions and opinions. Please feel free to write us, or email to Let us know what you think.Let us know if there is a story or issue which you would like to see us cover.

Stephen Smith

Lee Waites
Managing Editor/Publisher:

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Contributing Editor