There she is Sheena Queen of the Jungle. She’s been the subject of a number of movies, the best of which stared the often-naked Betty Page. You look at the Sheena before you. It’s Betty all right. "Does the real Sheena know that you’re impersonating her?" you ask.

"There is no real Sheena," she answers, "she’s just an imaginary character. A man’s imagination, I might add."

"That’s ridiculous, next you’ll be telling me that there’s no real Batman," you joke.


"Come on, I’ve seen dozens of Batmen just in the past hour. That’s like denying the sky."

"Those are just pretend Batfolk, like I’m a pretend Sheena," Betty exclaims. "Next you’ll be telling me you believe in Jesus." You ignore her as she turns around to ogle her vast film collection.

You can step outside or hang out with Betty and talk about the movies. She knows all about the movies and has been the film critic for The Birmingham Free Press for over a century.