Standing in front of the Cardiff Cabin you can hear someone bellowing out a Tarzan yell. You remember that DC comics will publish a Tarzan King of the Jungle comic sometime in the future. Possibly this is just an eccentric take-off of the Batman universe that everyone seems to be involved in. Certainly if Superman could hook up with Mohammed Ali, Tarzan could inhabit the world of the Batman.

You hear the Tarzan yell again…but it’s obviously the voice of a woman. You recognize it as the howl of Sheena Queen of the Jungle, not to be confused with Tamera the Tiger Girl. Sure they dress alike, they’re both tiger girls, they’re even both jungle girls, but a jungle can only have one queen, at least in America. The queen of this jungle happens to be Sheena. It was resolved by a very dramatic catfight, but that’s a different story altogether.

From where you stand you can see the Temple of Sibyl with its extraordinarily fast trolley cars and the fabulous Kaul Mansion.