You find yourself standing in front of the Steiner Bank on the corner of 21st St. and 1st Ave. North. You can see that there is some construction work going on down the block. The Woodward building is about half way completed. You also see the Brown-Marx building down the next block.

You look at the majestic Steiner Bank. The year is 1928, and it’s good to be alive. Hey wait, you haven’t been born yet, or maybe you have.

But you must have been born because you’re here now.

You now hear screaming and sounds of confusion from inside the bank. Five days have gone by and the employees at Steiner Bank are lost without their master, Sigfried Steiner, around to lord over them.

The younger brother, Burghard, has been keeping his regular schedule. But he’s been looking over his shoulder and acting all nervous and paranoid.

Everyone in town knows that, if for some reason Sigfried was unable to assume the kingship of Greater Bohemia, Burghard would be next in line to take the throne.

Might younger Steiner have "disposed" of his older brother for a kingdom in Europe?

Kinder people have done worse things. Burghard’s not that kind and Sigfried is no great loss.

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