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So here's the latest installment of the Birmingham Free Press Dot Com. The BFP is the brainchild, if brains can have children, of the artist known as Stephen Smith.

Debbie here at the office kept saying it couldn't be done, but now all she says are things like "Groovy...," "Fantastic!" and "Verrry groovy..." Of course that could just be the Actifed talking. Everybody in the test audience, though, seemed to agree grooviness and fantasticness run rampant through the site. The only problem for some was best put by Roddy Dingstar, who said, "I mean, what's it all about?"

Basically, the birminghamfreepress.com is a mixture of useful facts, amusing fictions, accurate news, satires, usually informed opinions, magical worlds, and hidden pleasures. Discovering which is which is part of the fun. The "hidden pleasures" of the site are everywhere, like secret doors in some funky mansion. Don't be afraid to put that cursor in as many places as possible.

The focus of the entire site is aimed largely at things Birminghamian, though we often get distracted by the World at Large. After all, the World at Large, like Birmingham, can be a terrifically fun place. Isn't that right, Debbie? "Very, very groovy..."