One of Birmingham's much unsung contributions to Western culture is our religiosity. The staff of The Birmingham Free Press comes in all flavors. Though most of us are deeply submerged in the New Age movement and UFO mind travel culture we sometimes condescend to give our fellow seekers a hand up in their quest for enlightenment.

But this is the Free Press and all opinions are held to the same standards of ridicule.

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Textbook agnostic, "I don't know and you don't know either."

Basically if you're going to call yourself a true Christian you have to believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is not only divine, but the most divine guy ever born. The secret to all of life's mysteries is to fixate passion on this wildly influential rabbi from whose birth we start our calendar.

If you call yourself a Muslim you certainly have to believe that the Holy Koran is the last and most perfect revelation that YHWH, (Allah) (etc., etc.) made for us mere mortals.

My humble opinion is that neither of these statements pass the burden of proof that we would expect from far less extraordinary claims.

Jesus is no more divine than you or me, maybe a little bit more depending on how one defines the word "divine."

The Holy Koran was no more, or not much more, inspired by supernatural agents than my favorite book: "Bridget Jones' Diary."

So here's the way I see it. Christianity and Islam can't both be true because they have such vastly different cosmologies. Sure they could both be true in that commie New Age cult that our faggot janitor belongs to, but certainly not in any orthodox understanding of Christianity or Islam. They could both be wrong. Or, just maybe, one or the other is right.

Now I want to make this clear: Both of these world views have a base foundation in the supernatural, magic. Jesus had magical powers and Mohammed magically channeled some super grand magical abstract creator of the universe and translated the ultimate truth into this perfect book.

Long before I would be willing to believe in some magical stuff from the conveniently hidden past only known to us through anecdotal evidence, I'd like to see some good wholesome American magic, right here, right now.

There has never been a single reliable, reproducible experiment that has proven even one of numerous magical things people are supposed to be able to do.

Evidence is the best, if not only, path to "truth" and knowledge of the empirical world and all that lies beyond it.

There is no sound evidence for the fundamental claims of either Chistianity or Islam.