I remember a couple or three years ago running across a comic magazine called "JAB." It was obviously modeled after "MAD", with pretty much the same high quality of drawing, except aimed at local issues and figures. And with a little more sophistication than the current MAD, hearkening back to the early days of the fifties, when MAD was aimed more at adults than kids.

So now there's jabtv.com . They 've figured out how to merge all that comedic and graphic talent with the special things that only the internet can provide: sound, motion, and interactivity. The sound quality is consistently good, the animation a little weak in the Quicktime movies but great elsewhere, and the interactivity really good in the games.

Jabtv.com, like any site or magazine, is organized in categories. The best are Jab Toons and Jab Games, which are Flash movies, and the Jab radio files, which are downlodable in MP3 format.
Jab Toons feature movies of Howard Stern, Charlton Heston and G. W. Bush, all very funny with great voice impersonations. Then there's the stable of Celebtity Poets like Mike Tyson. It's worth going to the site just see and hear Mike's precious poem.

Jab Games would be controversial to somebody without a sense of humor. Like the one where you get to torture John McCain using various "Viet Kong... techniques." It sounds kind of horrible, but actually it's hilariously lighthearted. My favorite game though, is moving Robert Downey, Jr.'s head around to avoid all these flying syringes. If you avoid the needles, he gets paroled!

Jab Radio is a bunch of parody songs and commercials that you download, unzip or unstuff. I don't listen to much actual radio, but these are like those early morning ditties on Me and This Guy Show, except these are actually funny. Like the commercial for Big Assed Jeans. Oh, man.

The only category that kind of sucks is Jab TV. I've only got a 56K modem, and it took sixteen minutes to load a Quicktime movie about the Pope and Saddam. It lasted about 60 seconds. All the Jab TV stuff is like that, and I think it speaks to the superiority of Flash to Quicktime for the net. At least in terms of loading time.

Jab Links includes some cool stuff, like a search engine designed specifically to hunt for comedy sites, and a link to John Kricfalusi's site. (He created Ren and Stimpy, see?)

The whole site in general is impressive, but more importantly, fun. If you have a cable or (insert technical term ) connection, you'll probably breeze through everything with ease. Oh But the graphics! I know I touched on the graphics earlier, but seriously, the pure drawing talent is extreme, and sometimes goes way beyond what MAD has ever done. And the computer-aided rendering and animation, coupled with the excellent sound...

Well, for the love of God, or whomever or whatever you worship, check out jabtv.com!