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Our exclusive sports columnist... Bear Bryant

Are you somebody? If so, you forged headlong into the new millennium with the rest of those crazy kids at Marty's. My oh my, what a morning!

That nutty bluesy sort of band K3 brought their own noise makers, and didn't shut up until well after five. Karen Kay Kent and company, as usual, warped the blues to their peculiar psychedelic whims. A great band. If only they could get rid of that bass player and get somebody decent like Brian Petway or Cleve Eaton. I mean they could just hang around Highland Music, grab the first bass player that comes along, and be sure of a huge improvement. They could get somebody with one arm or something. Anything!

But the band rocked in spite of that baldheaded mother, and when the dancing girls came out with those King cobras... well, that was something and then some!

The mysterious Victoria's Secret supermodel known only as "Jennifer" caused quite a stir when she rolled in with her high powered New York entourage. And you know, she was just as sweet as could be.

The Birmingham Free Press' own Bob Barker wowed the crowd when he lent the band his vocal and guitar pyrotechnics for a couple tunes. Two women fainted and one was seriously injured.

And when Candace got up there with that slide git; that's when I fainted. Oh, baby!

I also met this one guy from Argentina who kept trying to explain this new computer concept to me. "Iz gonna be huge, huge!" he would mumble over his screwdriver. It had something to do with a computer that would careen sub- atomic particles through parallel universes, and base calculations on how different they were when they came back. And how the same particle would actually exist in the different universes at the same time. "It's a Hilbert field of dreams," he would hornswaggle, giving me a wink and a shoulder nudge

Those crazy Argentineans!