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Way back in 1968, there was no greater power in the growing metropolis of Ensley, than the town's namesake family, the Ensleys. That year love was in, love beads were in, love posters were in, but in this sleepy village what was in ... was MURDER.

Little was known about the freedom-loving character known throughout the land as Railroad Bill. But after his gruesome demise, he became a national folk hero. The eyes of the entire country were aimed in his direction simply because of the sensational nature of the bloody deed. His legs were never found. His torso however, was found hanging upside down from meat hooks in the famous Tuxedo Junction ballroom. Both eyes were found spiked by a single toothpick, resting comfortably in a martini glass. In his own blood written on one of the room's huge mirrors, were found the chilling words, "Acid's groovy. Kill the pigs."

For months, investigators barked up the wrong tree, namely, the Manson family tree. It was finally resolved that the message was a false lead perpetrated by the foul murderer, or murderess, or murderite. You see, they had absolutely no leads, no clues, no idea at all on whodunit, But our investigative reporting team here at the BFP, had uncovered the unscrupulous evil-doer. And he, or she, or it turns out to be none other than a member of the town's most revered family. Yes, the Ensleys.